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News and a little bit about this site

(last update 17/06/2020)

Latest additions: See on a left below

Old Books Library with over 200 titles to choose from in numismatic section only, is a perfect place to start your research. Here you can find some valuable references and a wide range of materials, from some entertaining reading to the more specific and rare research works, which may satisfy interests of collectors and numismatists from beginners and to museum specialists.

Russian section is divided into several parts. Imperial Period (from Peter I to 1917) includes material on coins, medals, seals etc., and a few related works go into Soviet period. It contains a large body of works, thus, it is further divided into parts that host Biographies, General Works (history, technology, etc.), Descriptive and Auction Sale Catalogs. Early Russian Period (coins and medals) also contains a very comprehensive collection. A separate "History" part that is further divided to include general history from Russian ancient times to Nicholas II, history of a specific Monarch's rule, Heraldry and Classic works of Russian writers. The main focus of this site is Russian Numismatics, History and Literature, and as such, it enjoyed a full-bodied grows with all the additional materials and works submitted by Mr. V. Arefiev.

Ancient Greek, Roman and World coins sections also have some interesting materials and are worthy of visiting.

Presented books and other works are in different languages, but mainly in English, Russian, German, French, Latin, etc. I hope that this resource will be of help to numismatic community world wide.

Corpus of Russian Coins has been divided into 3 section: Catalogs, GM collection and Last Grand Dukes. This is one of the real germs of Russian numismatics that is not to be missed.

Personal Corners Articles and other contributed materials are kept here and it's expected to grow with time. For now you may access some invaluable contribution from Mr. V Arefiev in this section. Some of my articles (just updated XVIII c overstrikes article, correcting old errors and added a new article on Sestroretsk mint overstrike of Swidish 2 Ore into 2 kopecks in 1757-1759), some interesting articles from S. Zverev provided by Mr. Arefiev. Bibliotheca Nvmismatica Rvssica, by Mr. V Arefiev, though heavy to download (~500 Mb), worth visiting and downloading and may somewhat guide you through Russian numismatic literature.

Contact me if you have material to submit and I will consider it and will happily make it available to others if found suitable, acknowledging you for submition.

Acknowledgement: When you use materials from this site in your publications, please refer to works as usual, adding reference to as its source and any specifics, such as who the work comes from (when available).

This would help to promote access to numismatic knowledge to wider audience, and would properly acknowledge the work and time, that people who contributed the materials, spend on finding, collecting, scanning, editing, and providing materials to you via this site.

Materials are presented for educational and referencing purposes, and I hope that they will not be misused by readers. If for some reason any of our materials would be published on another internet resource, please let me know. I would expect acknowledgement on that resource and would ask for a clear permanent link to this site provided to their users for each material copied.

Our visitors A quick snapshot of site users shows that people download our numismatic and history related PDF files from Russia (Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other cities), China (Beijing), USA (Newburyport, Redmond, etc.), Ireland (Hutchison), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, etc), also some downloads from Latvia, Bulgaria, Belorus, Belgium, Germany, UK, Turkey, Poland, New Zealand, Hungary, Czeck Republic, Brazil. All continents are represented, apart from Africa (for now). Keep using this site, and drop us a line, we'd love to hear your positive feedback related to site's content.

Coins for Sale one day I may add sale items, though I am not in a rush.

Books for Sale link connects to Blurb shop where some reprints or publications can be purchased directly from print-on-demand service.

Catalog of Counterfeit Images is an ongoing project that for the moment covers period from Peter I to 1741 and serve as a warning to collector.

Donations: In order to keep this site running I require to pay annual fees. I need to raise $400 every three years. Please use resources found here for free, and but contribute to running this site and help me financially to meet the related costs if you can. Your donation via PayPal will be greatly appreciated, however small it may be..

Partnership For any questions on partnership or advertising on this siteis contact me directly.

Yours, Eugene Skobtchenko

Examples of Coins: Ancient, Imperial, Old

Greek Coin around $100:
Sear GIC 4918, 3rd Century AD. Obv: Turrented bust of city goddess.
Rev: Eagle wings spread.

Russian Coin under $100:
Russian Copper 1731 Denga. Empress Anna.

Roman Silver Coin around $100 :
Gallienus Billon Antoninianus. IMP C P LIC GALLIENVS P F AVG, radiate head right / PROVIDENTIAE AVGG, Providence standing left with wand and cornucopiae, globe at foot. IMP CP LIC GALLIENVS PF AVG means it is Gallienus, son of Valerian I. Mint: Roma (255-256)

Book on sale

2016 - Catalog of 2 & 5 kopecks of Elizabeth 1757-1762
4 & 10 kopecks of Peter III 1762 with Album of over 100 Images and 27 types (in Russian)

В продаже: 2016 Справочник для Коллекционеров Крупных Номиналов
Медных Монет Российской Империи 1757–1762 гг.

catalog 1757-1762

Click on this link to order the book of your choise (soft or hard cover).

Для заказа книги нажмите на эту ссылку и выберети книгу в мягкой (soft) или твёрдой (hard) обложке.

Вы так же можете заказать книгу (только в мягкой обложке) написав на адрес моей электронной почты. Цена книги при заказе на прямую 7400 рублей, US$105 или AU$155, что включает пересылку. Способы расчета: PayPal (+10% commition), или на карту через систему (самый простой и дешевый способ оплаты).

Preview / Просмотр:

catalog 1757-1762catalog 1757-1762

catalog 1757-1762catalog 1757-1762

catalog 1757-1762catalog 1757-1762

Внимание: фотография монеты #40 в книге - возможно от ненастоящей монеты, однако монеты этого типа существуют и тип описан верно.

Attention: Image of coin #40 in this book is possibly from a coin that is not original, it represents an existing type of coin, which is described correctly though.

Monetos TV - Russian History in Coins (en)

10 Kopecks 1762 - movie about coins from the Peter III times Partly, movie's script includes information form the book

Monetos TV - Русская История в монетах (ru)

Монета 10 копеек 1762 года - фильм о монетах этого периода В фильме частично использована информация из справочника


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